Are you interested in tablet weaving (card weaving)?
We invite you to join TWIST: Tablet Weaversí International Studies & Techniques. We promote appreciation of tablet weaving and development of skills through a journal, an Internet discussion group, and exhibitions. Our journal is written by the members and is distributed three times per year. Topics include techniques, technical tips, historical articles, product news, and announcements of interest to members. Formed in 1994, our group now has over 200 members worldwide.

To join TWIST and receive the TWIST Journal, please send $10.00 if you live in the US, $13.00 (US funds) if you live in Canada, and $15.00 (US funds drawn on a US bank) if you live overseas to: TWIST, 3932 Cleveland Ave, St Louis MO 63110-4032, USA.

You may also use PayPal , our account is twist@tabletweavers.org. Please add one dollar to the fee to cover PayPal costs and include the information below.

Join TWIST! Itís a great way to keep in touch with other tablet weavers.
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Updated June 6, 2008

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