Gallery 18b - Sourendu Das, India

Chair: this model of a chair is made with steel frame and ply split patterned braided body, which gives a traditional touch to contemporary furniture.

Rug-1/rug-2: These small rugs are an effort to mix both weaving and ply split braiding to give unique edging to any woven floor cover. Here cords are used as weft in weaving and later these cords are braided in different patterns to give a new and unique look to the rugs.

Foliage rug: This 3ft x 6ft rug is an effort to bring the outdoor look to any interior space. The base is woven with cords which run through the rug as weft and are braided near the selvedge to give firmness and exclusive edging. The tassels are left unfinished to give natural, raw and free flowing look to the rug.

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Updated February 22, 2005
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