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New! Publications for the Peter Collingwood Retrospective.

Peter Collingwood Master Weaver Video from Signals Media Centre,Victoria Chambers, St Runwald St, Colchester, CO1 1HF, UK. Price 16 pounds (inc postage). Available both on PAL and NTSC systems. (I think there is actually very little duplication between the video and the catalogue.)

Peter Collingwood Master Weaver Catalogue from Firstsite, The Minories, 74 High st, Colchester, CO1 1UE, UK. Price 17 pounds (inc postage).

When the exhibition reaches the Textile Museum, Washington, in October 1999, they will become available in US. Write to me privately if you have difficulty in getting either.

There seems some interest in the number of books I have written. I am pleased to announce that they are all back in print!.
The Techniques of Rug Weaving,(now in its 11th edition and as a paperback) Faber and Faber, London and Watson Guptill, New York, 1993. ISBN 0-571-16994-5. First published in 1968 and hardly altered since then; 527 pages,over 400 of my diagrams; 170 B/W plates at back of book. Obtainable anywhere. The Techniques of Sprang, Faber and Faber, London, 1974. ISBN 0 571 10144 5. Paper back reprint 1999, published by Design Books. ISBN 1-55821-930-7 292 pages, 160 of my diagrams, 69 B/W plates at end of book, 9 page bibliography. Covers traditional techniques and ones I invented. Distributed by Lyons Press, 123 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011 in America; and by Airlife, 101 Longden Road, Shrewsbury, SY3 9EB. UK in Britain. Yarnbarn has it and probably other book dealers. The Techniques of Tablet Weaving, originally Watson-Guptill, 1982, but only last year reprinted as paperback by Robin and Russ Handweavers, McMinnville , Oregon. ISBN 1-56659-055-8. 320 pages, 240 of my diagrams, 232 B/W plates (mostly my photos of my samples) in the text. Dauntingly huge bibliography! All "good bookshops" as the ads say.
Thanks to the generous sponsorship by a friend The Maker's Hand, A Close Look at Textile Structures has been reprinted. Originally a Lark Books and Interweave Press 1987 production, ISBN 0-937274-26-7. Now a hardback produced in 1998 by Ib Bellew, 8 Balham Hill, London, SW12 9DS. UK; ISBN 1-85725-134-2. My favourite book by a long way and it is still the same price! Alternate pages show B/W and colour plates (by David Cripps) of artefacts I have collected and analysed, usually with a thread diagram to augment the text. 160 pages, dealing with 93 objects in practically every fabric technique. No US distributor at the moment but this is being organised, so obtainable from Bellew (or me; see below) Rug Weaving Techniques, Beyond the Basics, Ib Bellew, 8 Balham Hill, London, SW12 9DS, UK, 1990, Interweave Press, 1990, ISBN 0-934026-62-9. 160 pages, 136 diagrams, 71 plates by David Cripps again, half in colour. This book has all the new things I found out since writing TRW, with an emphasis on my shaft-switching technique, the only one I and my son now use for our rugs. This book is technically out of print but Unicorn Books bought up the large remainder and I see other book dealers have it (e.g. Yarnbarn, Robin and Russ) as well. Fibrecrafts in UK also have it. If it looks as if I have been lazy in the last 7 years,The Techniques of Ply-Split Braiding is here, the result of much research in NW India. Published by Ib Bellew, 8 Balham Hill, London, SW12 9DS, UK, 1999. ISBN 1 85725 133 4. Hardback, 208 pages with 196 diagrams. 120 full-page plates of Indian examples plus my invented samples, all in black/white (but then the actual objects pictured are mostly made of black and white goathair). Jacket with colour photos over a red cloth binding. Book dealers in US have it. For more detailed information click here!

Check your favorite weaving shop or those listed below: