Gallery 7 - Theresa Steeper, USA
These cotton bands are the first four braids that Theresa has woven on her takadai. They are from Comprehensive Treatise of Braids V: Taka-dai braids 3 by Makiko Tada unless otherwise noted.

This braid is from a design by Janis Saunders based on one from Leigh Morris' monograph Oblique Plain Weave Braiding in Two Colors.

Theresa has continued to work on her takadai after dinner most nights and she is quickly making a very nice collection of samples from Makako's Tada's books.

Braid #68 in Makiko's book IV,
DMC 3 perle cotton (one strand each tama), 52 tama (85g).

Braid #68, two strands of
6/2 perle cotton per tama.
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December 10, 2002
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