Gallery 19 - Noné Redmond, USA
Takadai Braids

On the top is Itsukushima-gumi from Makiko Tada's book, Comprehensive Treatise of Braids IV: Taka-dai Braids 2 at the top of page viii. The one below is Itsukushima-omoi made using the same technique and pictures in the same book on page v.

These are both Andean braids. The left one is pictured at the bottom of page vi of Makiko's book Comprehensive Treatise of Braids III: Taka-dai Braids 1. The right braid I designed myself after my two daughters clubbed together and gave me 8 new tama for my birthday, it took over 100 tama and was a lot of fun to design. It is pictured still on the takadai.
This is a bell hanger for the front door of my daughter's organic farm house - a hay bale house.
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May 25, 2006
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