Gallery 15c - Jennie Parry, England

Water Flow I

Inspired by the rhythm of running water (the essence of life), these braids were made on a high takadai. I used 84 bobbins, weighing 85gm each, & multiple ends of silk & linen yarns per bobbin. The double braids, woven obliquely in 2 & 2 twill, were either joined at the edge, left un-joined, or joined at the centre. The firmness of the weave & quality of twist in the yarn enabled them to maintain the curved shapes.

Water of Life III

By changing from single to double braid structures periodically, it has been possible to create flat braids with an undulating rhythmic curve. The method of using lustrous silk threads along with firm linen assisted the surface patterns.

Surfer's Wish
A single & a two-layered braid were made on the takadai using Madeira machine embroidery rayon & metallic threads on 70gm bobbins. They were then manipulated & sewn onto the acrylic frame to suggest waves appropriate to a good time surfing.

Jennie can be reached by e-mail.

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December 2005
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