Tablet Weaving Gallery 8b
Nancy Spies - Brocade Weaver

37 tablets, Gütterman 100/3 aqua silk silver lamé 1.9 cm wide. Source: Three fragments - Cleveland, OH, USA 31.444; Riggisberg, Switzerland 304; Cologne, Germany 321. Border pattern from a band on a chasuble 11th - 12th century.

38 tablets, purple linen, Kreinik Japan #7 gold, doubled. 2.1 cm wide. Source: Bamburg, Germany M61. 12th century.

61 tablets, 60/2 black silk, Kreinik Japan #7 silver, 2.6 cm wide. Source: Vienna, Austria, band from the mantle of Roger II, King of Sicily, 12th century. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Inv. Nr. XIII.14.


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Updated November 29, 1999
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