Gallery 33 - Dana Lapcíková, Czech Republic
I began tabletweaving in November 2003 actually at random, because I needed a strap on my woven bag. It crossed my mind that there has been tabletweaving and I browsed through the internet, to find inspiration. I was fascinated by the quantity of information and with enthusiasm I dropped everything to study. I showed my experiments to the women in our handicraft club and they persuaded me to show tabletweaving at craft-exhibitions.

It isn't my main hobby, I like various handwork like tatting, bobbin lace work and needlework lace. I like to produce some jewellery with beads - for myself for my belly dance course - this is my way of sport - I like that it's such female, delicate sport.

In my spare time I try rightly to divide among all my hobbies. As a working woman I have unfortunately very little spare time. I do tabletweaving now only for exhibitions, where we, the women from our handicrafts club, try to occupy the visitors and show them something from forgotten techniques. All the rest of the year I collect and register various ideas, which I then realize in the exhibitions.

The program, Guntram's Tabletweaving Thingy, by Eckhard Gartz, helped me very much as have the web pages of other weavers. I am absolutely charmed by them and it is my big helper at fabrication designs; Guntram's gigantic database of designs is fantastic too. I was taken at once with the 3 Color Double Face and with a small change I used some on my second work, a spectacle case. Then I decided to produce something useful and I made a couple of bookmarks.

Linda Hendrickson's pages inspired me again to product some bracelets and necklaces. Yet I want make a guitar strap for my man. But to this I will get to again until autumn, in the meantime I'll prepare patterns, which I weave.



March 30, 2005
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