Gallery 32 - Harryyyy Khan, Pakistan
My name is Harris Ali Khan (harryyyy for short) I am from Pakistan. I am a medical student but have an immense interest and attraction towards all sorts of handicrafts including tabletweaving. I came to know this art through the internet and then through Linda Hendricksonís booklet on tablet weaving. I have been experimenting these last two years though a small part of it (only in vacations).

The first band was supposed to be a Ramís horn design but it deviated a little from the actual design. it is made of wool, most of my bands are made up of wool though I am now practising with pearl cotton (the kind used for embroidery) as well. I got the design from EVAíS web page (though later I found the design on many other sites too). I used 20 tablets and the band was about 1 and a half inches wide.

The smaller bands were for practice on chevron and diamond patterns and were again done with wool and a smaller number of tablets.

The red and gold band was supposed to be a birka strap work motif but actually it resembled more a shadow weave, it is made using 28 tablets and pearl cotton.

The key fob was a recent idea and I made a spiral design for it using again, wool and 16 tablets. The diamond band is from another study.

harryyyy can be reached by e-mail.


Harryyy can be reached by e-mail if you have comments or questions.
September 3, 2004
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