Tablet Weaver's Gallery 25a - Inese Krumina, 13th Century Livonian Costume

In this photo I am wearing a 13th century Livonian costume from Salaspils near Riga on the river Daugava. This costume looks like Viking costumes of this age. The costumes of other archaeological districts; Lettgallian, Kuronian and Semigallian in Latvia are different.

Special woven woolen bands 9cm wide and some 3.8 meters long are wrapped around my ankles. Wrapped over the woolen bands are narrow tablewoven bands (4 cards only) with metallic (bronze) rings added with each weft shot. These narrow bands are used for decoration and fastening; they are about 3 meters long, so, I can wrap them around my ankles some ten times each. In later years these special cloths were discarded and people began to wear socks, which were easier to put on.

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November 21, 2001
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