Tablet Weaver's Gallery 25 - Inese Krumina, Latvia

Except for the first golden band in the second photo all of these bands are reconstructions of bands from the Museum of History and Ethnography in Riga, Latvia. The golden band is made according 12th century ornament, but the original is in navy blue wool and white linen thread, this one is in golden and navy blue silk thread.
  • Photo one: the reconstructed bands are from different districts of Latvia from the 19th century. From left to right:
  • From Bauska district is a border from a poncho-like garment called a villaine.
  • Band from Liivani district.
  • Another border from a villaine from Krustpils district.
  • Border from a white woolen skirt from Abrene district.
  • Photo two: Except for the first band all the bands are wool and linen from a Livonian archaeological site found near the river Daugava and dated 12th and 13th century.
    Photo three contains more simple bands all of wool. They were woven from the threading in the draft provided. Note the two cards for making borders on each side, they can be as wide or narrow as you like. The width of the pattern area can be changed as well, as long as you keep the number a multiple of four.
    This tabletwoven band from Latvia is made using only two threads for the design.
  • Thread a light color in hole A and a dark color in hole C. (Holes B and D remain empty.)
  • The borders are threaded in one color in all four holes and are turned continuously forward.
  • The design tablets must be turned two turns, which will bring the dark thread up; the direction is shown by the "white" arrows.
  • Row 33 is the same as row 1.

    Draft and Photos Copyright2001 Inese Krumina

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    November 21, 2001
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