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Tablet Weaver's Gallery 18
Fall 2000 TWIST Sample Exchange

Six-Hole Tablet Weaving

Birgit Höffman, Germany, front and back. Swedish 16/2 cotton, from her own design.

Bonnie Datta, Canada, 2-ply nylon doubles. The image is of Bonnie’s little dog, Bandita.

Claire Gerentet, France, crochet cotton. Design source: Kleurig Kaarteweven by Charlotte Lenz. Editor: Cantecleer bv, de Bilt. 1977 (probably out of is the Dutch translation of the German book, Brettchenweben, Charlotte Lenz, 1976, Otto Mayer Verlag, Ravensburg. Thanks to Marijke van Epen and Peter Collingwood for this information.--Janis.)

Margaret Speer, USA, #5 perle cotton, 8/2 flake cotton, black crochet thread, and handspun angora bunny. The handspun is from Margaret’s bunny who, when shorn, wears a little coat made our of a sweatshirt sleeve which is aqua in this weaving. The bunny’s head goes comes out the cuff and holes are cut in the sleeve for his front legs.


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December 29, 2000
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