Tablet Weaving Gallery 11b

Judy Chapman - Canada

My tablet woven shoulder bag measures 15" wide x 13"long. It took approx. 7 yds of weaving with 60 cards (except for the strap which is narrower) and is made with 2/8 Egyptian Cotton.The first two lines of the 'Friendship' poem can be read by following the horizontal bands around the top of the bag. It reads: "The cloth that friendship weaves is spun of silken strands...". The motifs are randomly selected mostly from Linda Hendrickson's book Double-Faced Tablet Weaving: 50 Designs from Around the World. The inside lining reads: "tablet woven May 2000" and my initials.
Some of you may remember that Michael Cook (see Gallery 10) offered to share his Gothic lettering on the TWIST list I was one of the delighted recipients

This bag was inspired by a photograph of a double-faced betel bag from the Mamasa Valley, Sulawezi, Indonesia on page 174 of The Techniques of Tablet Weaving by Peter Collingwood, 2nd edition. Although I marveled at the workmanship, it did not occur to me to do my own version until I saw a beautiful replica by Marijke van Epen in 1996, at Convergence in Portland Oregon (USA). Isn't it a marvel how weavers from all over the world continue to inspire and educate one another?

My "teatime" cozy, left, is woven with 5/2 cotton same warp as my shoulder bag. The edges are joined by hand using the Roumanian stitch. I am not sure why I didn't put a space between the words 'tea' and 'time', I just kept on weaving the letters and didn't think of it until it was finished.

"Chimes for Time," right, is in the Ontario Handweavers & Spinners Juried Show, "Contained Images.". It is woven with 10/2 cotton. The double faced weave is an original. When closed, the three hearts line up and you do not see the clock until it is opened.

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March 29, 2001
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