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The Braid Society

The Braid Society has just over 100 members. It is a relatively young society, founded in 1993. Although based in the United Kingdom, we have members from all over the world. The cost is 15 UK pounds a year, about US $25.

We cover "narrow wares" - looping, braiding, kumihimo, tablet, inkle, lucet, ply splitting, finger weaving, even sprang. Some members specialise in just one of those, some in researching early textiles and techniques, others have a broader range of interest. We have some published authors as well as many complete beginners and some people who just love to collect braids and bands but don't make them.

We organise lectures, workshops, museum trips, exhibitions and demos. For instance, events in 1998 included a visit to Peter Collingwood's workshop, a juried exhibition at a gallery, workshops on "experiments with an inkle loom", ply-split braiding and tablet weaving (with American tablet weaver Linda Hendrickson) and a chance to look at Samurai armour (with its beautiful kumihimo braids). These meetings are only in the UK and Ireland at the moment, but any members planning on visiting the UK are welcome to sign up for our events. As our overseas membership grows we would like to expand our events to other countries also. All members receive the newsletter, 4 issues a year, and the annual journal Strands which has in-depth articles and colour photos.

If you wish to join, you may send your fees to The Braid Society - Membership, Roundwood, 20 Walton Avenue, Henley on Thames, Oxon RG9 1LA, England.

For more information, e-mail Jenny Kosarew.

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Updated November 18, 1999
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