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Medieval Cross-Stitch Designs

Nancy Spies
In the lovely state of Maryland, USA.
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Medieval Cross-Stitch Designs
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("Arelate" is the old Roman name for Arles, a city in southern France.
All the vowels are pronounced.)

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Available as a PDF for $8.00

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here for errata for Ecclesiastical Pomp and Aristocratic Circumstance: A Thousand Years of Brocaded Tabletwoven Bands.

We are delighted to announce that we now sell our cross stitch designs directly through either Clare's Celtic Cornucopia or Celtic Cross Stitch and Crafts.  Click on the pictures either side to purchase our products. Please visit also our e-bay store for even more of our products

No. 39 Inspired by Mary - Drake

No. 38 Rabbit Ramble

No. 37 George of the North

No. 36 Sweet Violets

No. 35 Lion Triumphant

No. 34 Stained Glass Alphabet

No. 33 Inspired by Mary - Dog

No. 32 Two Old Sols

No. 31 Inspired by Mary - Cat

No. 30 I Adore You

No. 29 Chanticleer

No. 28 Alphabet Arch

No. 27 Warm Welcome

No. 26 The Owl and the Wyvern

No. 25 Midnight at the Oasis

No. 24 Inspired by Mary - Squirrel

No. 23 Inspired by Mary - Rabbit

No. 22 Mounted Monkey

No. 21 Happily Ever After

No. 20 Dappled Unicorn
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